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Interactive Charts

Water Poem: Copy the poem below on a chart:

by Sharon MacDonald

Water is not only something to drink.
It is a toy for children to play in, I think.
They stomp around in puddles of water,
Which Mama said, "You shouldn't ought a…"

They swim in lakes, and oceans, and pools,
Just to frolic, to splash, and stay cool.
They flap an umbrella in the falling-down rain,
And watch raindrops slide down a windowpane.

They tease their friends with pointed hoses.
They spray it; squirt it, sometimes up their noses.
If water is all of these wonderful toys,
Why is it at bath time kids make such noise?

Have the children: (1) highlight the rhyming words; (2) find and match the contractions; (3) find and sort words that start with the letters "dr," "st," "sw," "fr," "spl," and "sp"; (4) find or match "ch," "sh", "th," and "wh"; (5) list things they do in and with water; and, (6) list the water-play places mentioned in the poem. Encourage the children to illustrate the poem.

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