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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Fall
Theme: Cycle and Change


Leaf and bark rubbing
Paint with fall colors at the easel
Walnut-shell printing
Corncob rolling*
Fall collage (see "Take a Fall Walk" in the Science section below)

Games and Puzzles

Fall puzzles
Lace a leaf*
Sort fall, winter, and spring photos
Raking-leaves sequence*


Twig seriation by length and circumference
Graph leaves
Tree Measuring: Standard and nonstandard measurement*
Sort nuts by one and two attributes
Estimate the number of corn kernels in a jar
Graph nuts

Dramatic Play

    Basic home props
    Add nuts, fruits, and vegetables for the kitchen
    Add sweaters and other clothing for the fall


Examine dried seeds, pods, gourds, nuts, and leaves
Use a nutcracker; crack and eat a variety of nuts*
Dry an ear of corn*
Grind deer feed corn kernels with a mortal-and-pestle
Take a fall walk*


Collect books and tapes on fall
Use blank books in the shape of corn, leaves, apples, and winter vegetables
Use magnet letters with a metal board and a fall-words bag*
Make a fall-walk photo album


Chant: Going on a Bear Hunt
Song: Leaves are Falling*
Song: Brown Round Tree*

Block Center

Add fall leaves to structures (in the block center)*
Add fall trees*

Interactive Charts

Song Leaves are Falling*
Poem "Autumn"*

Creative Writing

Write or illustrate a story of a fall walk
Fall box*

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