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Dirt Tastes Better Than Jellybeans
(Infants and Toddlers)

Infants and toddlers learn best by touching, smelling, seeing, and licking the things they find in their environment. They are explorers for new experiences because the world is new to them. In such a world, dirt does taste better than jellybeans because dirt is new and jellybeans might now be.

We can offer many opportunities for infants and toddlers to explore and learn from their surroundings by doing things with them like singing and clapping, "reading" stories and looking at pictures, and exploring the properties of materials they come in contact with daily.

Participants will learn how to involve children in new experiences that directly support their emerging awareness of others, emergent language, motor skills, and social/emotional development. As we go through the workshop day participants will make activities to take back to their settings to use immediately.

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