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Block Play: The Complete Guide to Learning and Playing with Blocks.

Block Play Block Play: The Complete Guide to Learning and Playing with Blocks.

This book builds excitement about learning math, science, literacy, and social studies in the block center. It is an invaluable addition to the resource library of every early-childhood teacher. As most teachers of young children know, playing with blocks enriches preschool and kindergarten classrooms. This book tells you why that is so, how to make it so, how to assess children's progress and offers 50 activity selections. Descriptions are clear and explanations of what children learn are concise. Each activity suggestion considers the ability and interest level of the children and encourages problem-solving, fine- and gross-motor development, math, science, language, and social skills.

Create block accessories like moonscapes, columns, and "Stained-Glass" windows and watch children experience the joy of learning through blocks. Fun activities include: Partnership Building, Building Blindfolded, Balancing Blocks, and Simple Machines.

Block Play received the Directors' Choice Award for 2001-02 from Early Childhood News.  It is published by Gryphon House.

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