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Sharon MacDonald has been a keynoter and workshop presenter on early childhood subjects throughout the United States for more than 20 years. She taught early childhood for 28 years.

Her early-childhood topics include learning centers, math, science, portfolio assessment, and classroom management. She has written more that 25 books on various childhood topics and four interactive music CDs and, more recently, she has become involved in training caregivers of infants and toddlers. Sharon emphasizes the importance of the child's pleasurable experiences with the caregiver.

  • A Learning Center Activities section offers activities for different learning-center areas.
  • The Teaching Web Archives section contains nearly two years of thematic-topic activities will be helpful in early childhood settings.
  • The Little Book section shows you how to make pre-designed cutting and folding books that encourage reading.
  • The Environmental Print section will give you lots of ideas for things that can be made from leftovers that you normally throw away.
  • Purchase individual or multiple copies of Sharon MacDonald's early learning songs in MP3 format.

Sharon’s Early Childhood Education Hot Spot Archive


The Science Center Hot Spot

Most young children are "scientists" by nature because they are curious about their surroundings and they want to find out how things in the world work.

We need to encourage their curiosity while we ensure their safety exploring the characteristics of objects and materials. They need time each day to indulge their interests and to explore. Science, for them, is about experiences, rather than experiments. The science center is a collection of interesting objects and subjects--like rocks, balance scales, plants, science tools, charts, and pets. They provide opportunities for children's open-ended exploration.

When the children "read" science-related book; or as they sort the twigs or leaves on display, they are learning skills and concepts that they need to be successful in school.

About Children: Helpful hints


If your child is fearful of animals (pets) there are some things you can do to help with adjustment. Start with pictures of pets from magazines that show pets playing. Talk about how each pet plays. Compare the pet's play to how a child plays. Have her make a collage of all the pets she looked at in the magazines and talked about. Put up the collage in her room.

Take her to a park where children are actually playing with their pets. Take photographs of the children playing. When you get back home talk about how the children played with their pets at the park. Give your child a realistic-looking stuffed animal and pretend that the pet is real.

Now you are ready to have the child be around a real pet. Start off by encouraging the pet to come along on a short trip. Have her watch the pet and touch it. Do this often until she is comfortable with the initial pet. Go slow!

About Reading: Good Books


A good book about pets is Sara Sidney Corinna Schiller: The Most Beautiful Iguana in the World by Pam Schiller published by McGraw-Hill. The book is about a pet iguana that thinks she is the most beautiful iguana in the world. Read about what she likes!

pets by Sharon MacDonald

Another book that introduces unusual pets is Pets by Sharon MacDonald. The book has photographs of unusual animals and the children get exposure to new words to help them expand their vocabulary.

About Play: Fun things to do

  1. To help children learn more about pets, take them to a petting zoo. This will give them "hands-on" experiences with animals
  2. Have your child draw an imaginary pet and then compare it to pictures of different pets. How is their imaginary pet like a real one?
  3. Visit a veterinarian's office. Discuss pet care.
  4. Talk about all the different kinds of pets you can have. Let your child decide which he thinks would make the best pet.

A Poem to Share!

Also a song on Tying Shoes and
Other Musical Feets! CD

Buy me a dog, a goat, or a snake--
A rabbit, a gerbil, or a ringed-neck drake.
A horse, a goose, or a very fat cat.
But please...not a rat.

Maybe a skunk, a parrot, or a loon
A chicken, a fish or a baby baboon,
A hamster, a beetle, or an upside-down bat.
But please…never, a rat.

I could get a worm, a snail, or a frog
A spider, a seal, or a dancing hog.
I'd even take an extra-large gnat.
But please…not ever, a rat.

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